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Ramsey Beyer

Ramsey Beyer grew up on a farm in Michigan before escaping to city life in Baltimore, MD, where she received a BFA in experimental animation. She currently lives in Philadelphia, PA. Ramsey and her sidekick, Rover, live in a row house with some roommates in a very organized living space. She drinks too much coffee, works as a nanny, and loves to keep her hands busy with all sorts of projects. Ramsey spends her time gardening, riding her bike around Philly, taking Rover for long walks, and spending way too many hours at a time working on comics in coffeeshops. She likes receiving random messages.

Ramsey has been making zines since 2004 when she discovered a love of minicomics through Snakepit, Jeffrey Brown, Nicole Georges, and Clutch.
She has since published two books, Year One and Little Fish (Zest Books).

All artwork throughout this site is the creation and property of Ramsey Beyer. Please do not use or modify any of the images. If you want to use anything either for publicity or personal use, use the contact form or email link below for permission. All rights reserved.

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